BRIG inflatable boats offers a wide range of tenders and RIBs from 2 to 7,8 meter. With its design, quality and price BRIG is a superior competitor against other brands in the premium class. BRIG is one of Europa’s largest and most modern boat yards, represented in more than 34 countries. The boat manufacturer has 200 employees and a production capacity of 5000 boats per year.

For over 15 years, BRIG has specialized and constantly developed an advanced manufacturing technique for inflatable boats. The company has history from military aviation and boat industry, and behind the shape of the boats there is innovative thinking design, innovative technical solutions and exploration of future materials choice with the combination of endurance, comfort and seaworthiness.


The BRIG Eagle is a fast-paced touring boat. It stands out as a clear leader in its class, combining contemporary styling with comfort and performance. The BRIG Eagle series is equally at home as a high-performance craft, or simply providing the perfect platform for lazy family days on the water.


Stand out with the iconic styling of the BRIG Navigator series. The Navigator’s wide beam, square bow and extra-wide tubes keep you dry and provide best-in-class stability. Whether an offshore expedition, exploring the coastline or enjoying watersports with your family, the rugged Navigator series will oblige with safety and comfort.


The Falcon Rider series focuses on practicality and value. Its minimal design results in a lightweight craft offering maximum fuel efficiency, whilst retaining the classic BRIG design features. A variant of the Falcon series, Falcon Tenders are specially equipped with a solid, rigid hull for use as tenders aboard powerboats and yachts, as well as for recreation. The strong fiberglass hull in combination with inflatable buoyancy tubes provide a dry, smooth ride, every time.


DINGO and BALTIC boats are mobile and light weight. Perfect as tender to your leasure boat and day trips, pleasure for the whole family.



All BRIG are sold with a 24-month new boat warranty. In addition to this warranty, BRIG provides a uniquely extended 5-year Tub Guarantee. BRIG claims to offer the boat market’s most comprehensive guarantees on Ribb and Inflatables! Damage and failure caused by bad pressure in the tube are not covered by the warranty and are considered as handling errors. During use, the tube must maintain the correct pressure in the tube, as shown on the transom of the boat or in the accompanying instruction manual.

In addition to one of the market’s best guarantees and insurance, BRIG has its own workshops that specialize in just ribs and rubber boats. If the accident is over or you want to change your boat, you’re just a phone call from the best care of your BRIG. In Western Sweden, they have their own “inhouse” workshop in Gothenburg, in other places they have cooperation agreements with fantasies of the same enthusiastic rib boat.


BRIG is equipped with Evinrude E-tec outboard engines. One of many reasons why BRIG selected Evinrude is their 3 year service intervals and automatic winter / conservation program. See how easy it is to handle the conservation yourself.

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  1. take the propeller off
  2. on with the flushing sleeve, connect the water hose and open the tap
  3. With the engine switched off, idle lever raises to max.
  4. start the engine, it runs low idle and the 4 indicator lights light up
  5. After 15 seconds the control lights turn off, then you lower the idle handle to min.
  6. Again, the warning lights turn on to light for 15 seconds
  7. when they are turned off, the idle handle is raised once more to the maximum. Now the conservation begins.
  8. The conservation program lasts about 1 minute, when the engine has stopped by itself everything is ready.

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